Tạo link cài đặt Enterprise App iOS

Follow these instructions on how to create a link to your enterprise “.ipa” file. By doing this, your enterprise app can be installed by simply clicking a link on an iOS device.

How to Create an Installation Link for Your Enterprise App

1. Place the enterprise “.ipa” file, found in the “.tgz” file that you downloaded from the mag+ Publish portal, on a web server and give it a direct URL.

2. Download the “app.plist” file attached to the bottom of this article to your machine.

3. Open the “app.plist” file with a text editor and make the changes specified below.

Important Information
These are the items to change: 
  • Find “<string>http://www.enterprise_4.0.ipa</string>” and change the URL to the URL of the enterprise.ipa file located on your web server.
  • Find “BUNDLE_ID” and enter the Bundle ID for your app.
  • Find “NAME_OF_APP” and enter the name of your app.

4. Save the “app.plist” file and upload it to an accessible web server.

5. Create a link as shown below and post it on a web site or email it to the users that you want to download your app.

Important Information
Your link should look like: itms-services://?action=download-manifest&amp;url=http://yourdomainname.com/app.plist. Replace “http://yourdomainname.com/app.plist” with the URL to the app.plist file located on your web server.

How to Install an Enteprise App from an Emailed Link

1. Find the link created in the steps above (either via email or via a web page).

2. On your iOS device, click on the link or paste it into the URL field of Safari.

3. The app will be installed on the device.

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